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Vinsonic Pro Cleaner

Vinsonic Pro Cleaner

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Revolutionize Your Clean with Vinsonic Pro Cleaner

Designed to revolutionize the way you maintain your items, Vinsonic Pro Cleaner is not just about cleanliness, they redefine it. Merging cutting-edge ultrasonic technology with sleek design, these units effortlessly remove dirt, grease, and grime at a microscopic level. Immerse yourself in the harmony of cleanliness and innovation, as Vinsonic Pro Cleaner ensures a thorough yet gentle cleaning process, preserving the integrity of your valuables.

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Does it come with batteries?

No for safety reason, batteries can be a source of dangerous heat, sparks or fire if they are improperly packaged for shipping

How does the Vinsonic Pro Cleaner work?

The Vinsonic Pro Cleaner work by generating high-frequency sound waves through a liquid medium, usually water mixed with a suitable cleaning solution.

How long should I run the cleaner for optimal results?

Generally, most cleaning cycles are between 3-10 minutes. However, heavily soiled items may require longer cycles or multiple cleaning sessions.

Can the Ultrasonic cleaning damage my items?

No, Ultrasonic cleaning is generally safe for most metals, plastics, and glass.